Friday, August 24, 2007

More goals for myself.

I sooooooo want to find time to visit blogland! I never seem find the time to read blogs. I want to read them but whenever I start loading (I have slow dial up) a blog to see what online friends are doing my children seem to need me. I think I am going to ask hubby to do something with the children (go to the park or play in the yard) for an hour or so on one of his days off so I can visit with my online friends. I got to glance quick at a few blogs and I noticed that most have a list of blogs they read. I want to be able to put a list of on my blog of my blog friends also! I saw that a few had VERY long list of blogs they like. I would love to be able to check out other blogs (for more than instructions on solar ovens). I want to read and see why and how others do things. I hope I can find a way to fit this into my days. If I can't I might have to move the computer to the other side of my house so I can be in the room with my children and type. I can't do that now with the computer in the room it is because this room is small and the steps to go upstairs are in it. D. does well on the steps but I know she would get hurt if she played on them when I was on the computer(not watching her close)! She is the kind of child who would jump off them if I gave her a chance! I am going to try to make blog time this weekend!

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