Thursday, August 23, 2007

Montessori sound boxes

It is hard to get pictures of my little doodle bug doing her school. She moves so fast (doesn't sit still ever) Most school work pictures of her are nothing but a blurry mess (she is faster than my camera)! I feel that I have been talking more about my son's school than D.'s so I tried real hard to snap pictures of her so I could show a little of her doing school work. We use a lot of Montessori materials with her. Below is the sound boxes D. got for Easter (I bought them from discount school supply). She likes using he pink blanket more than the little rugs to do her work on. I have learned to be OK with using a blanket for a rug. I started her with only 4 boxes on the tray (matching 2 at a time that sounded very different from each other). I added another 2 every week or so until she was able to use them all without getting real frustrated. On a good day she can get them all matched up but most of the time she confuses two sets that sound a lot alike. She has started to use them by herself but I need to keep a very close eye on her. She has hit her brother in the head with them when I wasn't looking! We bought this set because she likes to open many of our handmade Montessori materials. My son never did stuff like that but he was the ONLY child in the house and if he was working with his stuff I was right next to him to keep an eye on things. Now with 2 (almost 3) children I am seeing that often I have to look away from what D. is doing so I can answer the phone, help T. with school, work on making a meal for the family, or other things that often need my attention. I often wonder if I gave my son as much time alone (without me standing over him) as D. gets would he have opened up the materials instead of using them correctly? Maybe he wasn't the better behaved child like I remember..... MAYBE it is that he was the CLOSEST WATCHED child! LOL! I don't think he ever had a chance to get into trouble.

This is D. with her sound boxes saying Lets see Mommy did that one match? Listen closely Mommy does it sound the same? LOL!

She is giving it another shake to hear it.She is shaking her head saying NO this one doesn't sound the same. LOL!
She is sitting kind of still thinking about what one matches the "bell sound" She did get it and moved on to finding another matching pair.She is so fun to be with!

Below is another set we have that works the same way (and just as well as the store bought set). I tried to get a picture of D. using them but when I got the camera D. got fussy and tossed one at me so we had to put them away until tomorrow. My friend Lori made them for my son YEARS ago (back when he was 2 or 3 years old). I don't know if Lori ever reads this blog but if you do.... HI LORI! Yes I am still using the stuff you sent me in the spring swap we did with each other many years ago! D. does use this set and she enjoys it (to her shaking eggs to make sounds and shaking blocks to make sounds are very different lol) but I have to be right with her or she will throw them at someone or try to open them up and dump the stuff out of them. I also have some made with film canisters. All of our sound sets work very well. I don't think any set is better than the others except the film canisters are very easy for my girl to open (even when glued shut) and I worry she might choke on the small lids that are on the film canisters. With a new baby coming in a few weeks I know I will have a harder time keeping a close eye on D. so I think the film canisters will need to stay put away in the closet for a bit longer. I can see she isn't ready for that set right now.

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