Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going back 2 weeks ago.

First day of school. (Aug 18)

The first thing that happened was Demi didn't want to write her name on her paper. She said her name is NOT Demi or Demaris. Her name was Sleeping Beauty! I tried talking her into writing or tracing Demaris or Demi but she would not budge! After about 10 minutes of negotiations I caved! I know shame on me! I felt that our day needed to move along. If Demi wasn't busy and happy I couldn't start instructing Travis with his lessons. I started wondering if the princess name was a battle worth having. I convinced myself that it would be OK because Sleeping Beauty has a lot more letters to trace than Demi. My reason for giving her pages was to keep her busy so I could teach Travis and letting her have her way did allow me to do that. Below is a picture of Demi writing her name Sleeping Beauty. LOL! Here is the only picture I got of Travis. He didn't like his first day of school. He complained a bit. the complaints earned him extra school work and he grew more upset as the day went on. This picture was taken early in the day. He was happy at this point he just didn't want his picture taken.
Here is another picture of Demi. I would share more but the day was not a fun enjoyable day. It was so bad I only took these 3 pictures. Maybe only having 3 pix is a good thing. I think if I would have taken anymore we would have seen ugly angry looks on my children's faces.

I do want you all to know in the afternoon everything did turn around for the better. We did have fun the second half of the day. I was sad that our school year started out so bad. I was wanting happy excited children like all our other school years.

If you are wondering why no baby Zee....... Ummm... She was cutting teeth and did a LOT of SCREAMING in the morning! I do think some of Zee's unhappy mood was the first step on our bad day.

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