Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OOPS! I didn't realize I have been gone so long. I guess I took a long break from the computer. I got so busy enjoying summer I gave up using the computer (I kind of forgot all about it).

I will never find time to fill you in with everything we have done over the past few months. I guess I will just start with what we are doing now (over the last 2 weeks). We started our new school year. We do some school all summer long so I thought starting our new year wouldn't be any big deal. We started on the 18th and Travis was not happy. This shocked me because Travis has always loved school. After our not so perfect first day of school we went out to the store and picked out new pencil cases, pencils, highlighters, pens, and such. The children seemed very excited over new pencils. I didn't know new pencils could be exciting. Travis was happy and excited to start the second day of school. I buy pencils all year long so I didn't think we needed a new pack of pencils for the first official day of school (silly me, I should know better). I will never start a new school year without new pencils again!

We are still working out our school routine and waiting on a few books (most of them should arrive any day now). We went camping over the weekend. We had another bad school day this Monday (I am starting to think Monday is a problem day for my son). OH! Travis learned to spin yarn today. I have so much to share. I am working on uploading his spinning yarn video clips. I hope to get them all uploaded in the next day or two. I promise to share a lot more of what we are doing in the next day or two!


Gottfredsen said...

I am so glad you are back. We missed you!!!! Don't forget to come over and get your award because you are so "brilliant"

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, This is why Monday is a very "light" day around here.
Weekends with Dad are so hectic..we need Monday to recuperate. ;-)

I hope it gets better for T!

reprehriestless warillever said...

I've missed you!
How are D and Z?

Amber said...

Heather, I have missed you! I am going to try to get your blog to load. A few months ago I couldn't get any blogs to load on my dial up. I will give it a try!

Kate, I like the idea of "light Mondays". I am going to take a good look at our school stuff and find ways to cut back on his Mondays. Thanks for the great idea!

Reprehriestless, I have missed you! The girls are wonderful. Most of the time I have one on each hip! They are both in a "hold me" stage. I should be thin wearing an extra 40 pounds so often! I know the day will come soon when they will not want to be held anymore so I am trying to enjoy it (even when my back hurts). I hope to get over to your blog this weekend to see all the fun your children have been having.