Friday, August 29, 2008

More pictures from last Sat (camping trip)

This is an interesting bike we saw on our way back to the campground, after visiting the PA Grand Canyon.

Zehira got a bit cranky (needed a nap). Rob walked around with her and sang her to sleep. She then took a long nap in our screen room. He is such an attractive man! Some love a man in uniform. Not me I love a man holding the fussy baby.
I am not sure what he is doing in this picture. Having a good time I think.
This is a funny story. The first day camping we took our children to the playground. Travis got a bunch of children to run an obstacle course with him. We went back to the playground the next day. Rob noticed Travis going around talking to all the children. Rob said "Poor kid, I feel bad for him because he thinks he is going to get this group of girls to join him in a race like yesterday. He doesn't understand sometimes girls have no interest in doing that kind of stuff".

I felt bad for him but I thought learning that everyone doesn't always want to do what you want to do isn't such a bad thing. Just a couple minutes later we see all the children start running all around the playground all in a row with Travis leading the way. We (my Mom, Rob, and myself) could not believe it! We all started cheering Travis on! I have to admit I didn't think any children would ever join him in his Olympic races. We asked him later on how he got everyone to race with him. He said I just asked them to join in a race with me and they all did.

Below is a picture of all the children racing on the playground. I think Travis (boy in gray) and girl in dark blue a step below him are lapping the group of younger ones in front of them. Demi is the one in pink in front holding up the race (that's our Demi lol). I am very proud of my son's leadership skills.
After the big races Travis took Zehira down the slide.

Happy baby!Look at this man! He's such a good looking man. He has Zehira squealing with laughter.

I have such a good looking hubby! Look at how happy this baby is! You can't tell she is teething.
Happy girl!
My hubby is very happy. Just look at his big smile. Camping is so much fun for us all!

Nana playing with Zee. I think I relaxed and watched everyone else play with the children all weekend!

Zee climbing the steps. She (like all little ones) LOVES climbing steps!

Nana walking Zee back to our campsite.

Daddy and Demi.
Nana (my mom), Travis, and Zee. I guess you can see I didn't do anything the entire weekend.
I love this picture. My wonderful hubby put Demi on his shoulders for the walk back to our tent.

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mavibu said...

Hi, I'm from the preschool yahoo group. I agree, there's nothing sexier than a man nurturing his child.
We're going on our first camping trip with members of another homeschool group in Sept. I'm really looking forward to it. I look forward to getting to know you better!