Thursday, August 28, 2008

More camping PIX

I love Demi's taste in fashion. A flowered hat, a fairy shirt, a checked top, shorts with a princess she drew herself (she designed her own clothing line this summer), and pink shoes with a bow. What a girl! lol!

Forgot to mention the heart shaped princess wand.
My little flower child!
Daddy had several races with Travis. The Olympics perked Travis' interest in lots of sports. the last couple weeks Travis has been running the track at the local high school (with his new stop watch). His dream was to run faster than his Dad. He was so happy Rob asked to race him many times at the campground. Daddy almost beat Travis several times but somehow our speedy boy managed to out run his Daddy every time.
Here they are running back. Demi is looking for her flower.
I have a wonderful husband! I think in a few years it might turn into my hubby who will need to practice at the track to try to beat his boy in a race to the tree and back. LOL!

My silly little girl.

My good looking boy! He hates his hair cut (Rob picked it out for him). I doubt we will ever see him with his hair this short again.

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reprehriestless warillever said...

I love Demi's outfit!