Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last weekend

We went camping! We stayed at Ives Run. My wonderful parents bought us this HUGE tent (3 rooms plus a screen room) last Christmas. Last week they invited us to come camping with them. I think they might have been wondering if we would ever try out our new tent. My parents have a large 5th wheel camper so Rob, the children, and myself all got to camp in a tent but with all the modern facilities next to us (my parents new camper has more than our house has). It was a Wonderful weekend!

First night we all relaxed around the fire (my Dad made for us) and ate smores, roasted marshmallows, and tried a roasted banana, chocolate, peanut butter snack (my parents provided all this for us even the marshmallow sticks).

Here is my Dad helping Demi roast her marshmallow.
I think Zehira looks cute in this picture. I love her chubby face.Demi checking out all the snacks.
Look how happy my hubby looks! I hardly ever get a picture of him with a happy face. He is a very serious person. It is nice seeing him laugh and smile.
Demi checking out the roasted banana snack.
And eating some smores.
It was a wonderful time. My parents are big campers. They took me camping from the time I was Travis' age. I have tried to get my hubby to go camping for years now. I hope this was the first of many more camping trips for us.


Kate in NJ said...

It is nice to see Rob looking so relaxed! It sure looks like you all had a lovely vacation.

Amber said...

I don't ever remember Rob being so relaxed, happy, and helpful. It was such a dream vacation! I am trying to convince him we can keep camping in our tent all winter long. LOL! I think he might want to give it a try. He needed this time away from his stressful job.