Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can you tell me how to find Standing Stone?

Have you ever heard of Standing Stone? We found information on it here (picture below came from that webpage)

and a bit of information here (picture below came from that web page)

Rob and I had never heard of Standing stone until I stumbled across it online so we took a family trip to try and find it. We stopped and looked at Wyalusing rocks and Marie Antoinette Overlook hoping to figure out were on the river it was. We drove up and down the river on back roads and even a bit off roads (Rob kept driving a couple times after the roads ended) thinking that we might be able to see this huge stone from the other side of the river. I am sorry to say we didn't find the Standing Stone. One would think a stone that stands over 25 foot tall and 13 foot deep (the other web page says it is 44 foot tall and 16 foot wide) would be easy to spot! I really wanted to find this interesting rock but it might not be visible at all from land. I know you can get to the stone by boat but I think taking the 2 youngest children in a boat on the river would be a bit dangerous. I am going to ask around to see if anyone I know has ever seen this rock. If I find out we can see it from the other side of the river or by hiking along the river a mile or so from the place the stone stands we will take another trip to try and find it. The good news is PA is full of interesting rocks so we have a lot more chances this year to visit and learn about other strange rocks. The trip was a nice drive with two beautiful overlooks to stop and enjoy. I posted about the first overlook yesterday (Wyalusing Rocks). Just up the road a bit is The Marie Antoinette Overlook. They just restored it (I think the formal reopening is next week). Below are some pictures we took from this newly restored overlook. I can't find a webpage that gives much info on Marie Antoinette Overlook to share (sorry). It is right on route 6 in Bradford county BUT they haven't put up a new sign yet so it might be a bit hard for you to find. I imagine a new sign will be up before the grand reopening. I am sure with how nice it looks now they more info will pop up online soon. It has a Castle like feel with 2 round stone lookouts (fits nicely with the time period we are learning about in history this year).

The view is every bit as nice as the view I posted yesterday.
I notice how strange our outfits look! Rob and I took Zehira to the funeral with us (reason we are all a bit dressed up). Travis and Demi stayed with Uncle Mike. They did school work and played outside (wore play clothes).

I think next year in school we will be reading about Marie Antoinette when we get to her in history we will come back and tour the French Azilum

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Wendy Hawksley said...

I love standing stones. These are beautiful photographs!

Sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. :(