Friday, September 04, 2009

My Landscape Pix.

Travis really enjoys photography. We gave him our old camera when we got a new one last year. He has learned a lot when it comes to taking a nice picture. I noticed that most of his pictures are of people, insects, animals, or flowers. He has never taken a picture of the mountains, fields, sky and other things in the far off distance. Last Thursday we finished up school very early in the day so I took him down the road (but stayed close to home) and took some pictures of some of the beautiful landscape around us (I used this as art class for the day). It was so nice because Rob stayed home with Demi and Zee. I don't get to spend enough alone time with Travis because when Rob is off work Travis asks to do things with Daddy instead of me. I guess 9 year old boys think Dads are so much cooler than moms. Rob will plays sports and video games with Travis. I suck at video games and I can't swing a golf club or tennis racket to save my life. I loved having this time hanging out with Travis. We watched clouds, looked at mountains, talked, and enjoyed the wonderful beauty around us.

I had Rob look at all the pictures I took and he picked out the ones he liked. Below are the pictures I took that Rob picked for me to share (tomorrow I will share pictures Travis took). I am not a skilled photographer but I think some of the beauty of NE PA (Endless Mountains) shows in a few of the pix.

I think I live on a BEAUTIFUL road! The road itself is full of potholes but the view is really pretty.

I am adding in one of the pictures that I like but Rob didn't pick.
Picture above shows the mountains that I love to look at. I love driving this road looking at all the blue/purple mountains in the far off distance.


Gottfredsen said...

Definetly a beautiful view.

reprehriestless warillever said...

So beautiful!

Amber said...

HI Heather and Reprehiestless.!!!!! I miss you both so much! I need to cook dinner in just a few minutes but right after dinner I am going to sneak some free time (something hard to find nowadays) and hop over to your blogs to see what you have all been up to. I think of you both all the time!