Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorry google readers!

I need to explain a tech (rather no tech) problem I have been having. As most of you know I do my blog post half a week to 1 week in advance (only once or twice a week and I schedule them to post automatically. When I am drafting up a post I often have to set the laptop down and go help a child (it seems that children want to eat, drink, diaper changes, get an education, and my help with things to keep them busy every other minute in this house). Now that I have 3 children I notice that when I leave a room to help one I am leaving 2 children a free minute to get into something. Zee and Demi both love to play with the computer ESPECIALLY when they see pictures of themselves on the computer. My blog almost always have pictures of the children. Because of that they often run to the laptop when I put it down so I can go help someone who needs me. When that happens they often get my blog to publish my post. I don't know if they are hitting the orange publish post button or a shortcut key but I do know they are both good at scrolling around clicking on buttons on all our computers. Today they did it again and I think this has happened 3 times in the last week so I thought I better explain the situation (don't want any of you to think I am using mind altering drugs). The Gilligan's Island post is one I have planned to share Oct 2. I just want to explain why my blog gets some ODD posts and some double posts. I know my children will outgrow this phase. To be honest, I rather have the tiny problems like posting unfinished blog posts than having to navigate my way along the teen years. I am not ready to have them grow up. I hope you all will be able to laugh next time you see a double post or a post with no writing. If you click on my blog you probably will never see this because I do quickly fix the problem once I see what one of the girls have done. I was told that Google Reader does an instant update so anyone who uses that for this blog sees my girls being (a bit cheeky) often. Thanks for understanding!!!! BTW google readers Fri. Sept 2 will be a rerun on this blog feel free to check out another channel.

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