Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is the life!

Here is my view! That blur at the bottom of the picture below is my big toe.
Yes this is the life for me! I was so lazy yesterday I didn't take any pictures (other than the ones I took driving in Philly).
The boys (Poppy, Daddy O, and Travis) are out golfing on the beach.

Demi went for a walk with Mum Mum (her new BFF)
Zee is here with me.
Want to take in the view with me?

Everyone in the family has gone vacation crazy EXCEPT for Zee. We are all busy saying look at the view, the ocean, the beach, and the sand! OH how beautiful! Zee doesn't seem to care to her it is life as usual. She doing her favorite thing......
Playing with shoes, it is her favorite game! Below she is kicking off her big sisters shoes (they almost fit her). To her life at the beach is just like life at home.

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