Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ocean geology hands on learning

Travis spent several hours doing some serious ocean studies. We found a large sandbar out in the ocean. We walked out to the water being thigh deep (closer to belly deep for short people like me and the kids) then this huge sand bar stuck up for us to climb on making it so the water was at our ankles. Picture below shows the water all around the sand bar with the sand spot poking out in the center of the picture.
Below is a picture of Travis, Rob, and Zee standing on the sandbar. It was kind of strange seeing them standing ON the ocean! I wish I would have thought to take a picture showing the sand on the beach so you could see how far out this was. The water would have been over Zee's head without the sandbar.Travis got to observe a lot from the sandbar. He saw a lot of large clams and many other living ocean critters.

Poppy did some of the teaching.

Travis found a gold colored shell.
He found a hermit crab.

and a horseshoe crab.

Travis spent hours digging, searching, observing, and asking questions. He wanted to learn about EVERYTHING having to do with the ocean, sea life, and the beach. He even took time to teach his baby sister. Zee seemed to enjoy the science lesson from her big brother.
Demi gave Poppy a workout (guess he got his PE class in for the day).
In our outdoor class room we allow nap time for the preschoolers. Zee took advantage of this and did LOTS of napping on the beach. She slept for hours. I guess the breeze, sun, and sound of the waves make the perfect sleeping conditions for a little one.

Too bad all our school days can't look like this!

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