Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bead ornaments and snowflakes.

Rob asked why I needed new beads when we had a huge bag of beaded (child made) ornaments up in the attic. Travis thought about this and decided to take apart all our old ones and make all new this year. I will not be doing this again because I teared up seeing him cut them all apart. I remember Travis making them all when he was younger. I have fond memories of hours of Travis laughing and stringing beads creating some unusual ornaments. I loved even the ugly ones. OK ESPECIALLY the ugly ones because I remember the look on his face thinking he made something beautiful for me. I miss all of them! I will just find a secret hiding place and have lots of new beads ready next year when the tree goes up so I don't loose any of my treasures my children made for me this year. I didn't think I was attached to them at all until he started cutting them apart.

I guess you can see by the amount of beads in the box that Travis has made LOTS of bead ornaments in past years! LOL!
I love this picture. I was helping Demi and Zehira started to fuss so Travis picked her up and explained to her how to sort beads.
Travis and Zehira playing on the sofa.
Our beads all sorted.

I gave Demi a food tray with beads and pipe cleaners I thought she would mess up all the beads in the ice cube trays. Giving her a tray and lots of beads whenever she asked worked well for us. Look at the little chunky fingers stringing the beads (I love this age). I added this picture of her hands and tray because the pictures of her face didn't show the beads. I guess beads are so tiny pictures have to be close up shots. Her hair looked cute today but I wanted to post about our ornaments not hair. lol Maybe if I ever get highs peed I will be able to post extra pictures on cute hair days it takes to long to do with my dial up. This is the first 4 decorations Demi made for our tree. I started her with 1/2 a pipe cleaner because I remember when Travis was 2 years old he would get tired of stringing long pipe cleaners She loves this and doesn't get tired so now I give her some long and some short. Travis twisted the tops closed for her so I didn't have to do anything.

Here is a picture of the ones Travis made.

We then went on to paper snowflakes. Travis folded and cut them all then they both decorated them with glitter.

I gave Demi a Q-tip and a milk jug lid with a little glue in it. She likes putting glue on this way.
Look at my wonderful children working hard on decorations for our house. When they are busy with things like this they don't fight, yell, or complain. In my house a busy child is a well behaved child. I should take videos of times like this! People would think I had the perfect children!Demi adding Glitter to her snowflake. She is a big girl now and doesn't need much help from me (sniff sniff).

After I snapped this set of pictures. the children have gone on and made lots more snowflakes and tons of beaded ornaments but I thought you would all get tired looking at them all. I will try to take a picture of the tree on Christmas eve. to show many of our decorations.

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