Monday, December 10, 2007

More paper crafts

We made a bunch of birds for out Christmas tree. They are VERY simple to make my son has no problem making them. Even a toddler can glue on the head and tail if you cut it and glue the head together first.

The same site has some tubbies.

You can find the cute little critter below here.

If you are learning about Dino's you can build some paper ones.

Boy dolls?
Need some football player paper dolls?How about a dancing monkey?And if you still need something (like I often do) to keep the children busy so you can wrap gifts, feed the baby, make dinner, or just a moment of peace. This site has everything from Santa to the Great Pyramid to build. School age children can build them but I doubt a preschooler could. An adult can build then have a toddler or preschooler paint and play with them. I have my school age son builds them. My toddler and him paint, color, and decorate. Then my toddler can play with them as toys.

If you click on the Santa it should take you right to the printable Santa page.

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