Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Family Time

Rob has been off work 4 of the last 6 days. We got to do lots of things together as a family. The children built gingerbread houses ( from kits).

I bought a bunch of the little wooden toys in the craft section of walmart. I like having something to keep the children busy with that only cost $.88 each. Demi asked to paint a boat when her house was done. Travis didn't paint one because he took a lot longer making his and he didn't feel like painting later in the day.

We made ornaments together. I LOVED doing this and the children had the best time with this because Rob has never made ornaments with us before. I know reading this and seeing pictures of this does not show Robs feelings. LOL! He said he did enjoy the time spent with us but over 3 hours of cutting and gluing paper to make one ornament wasn't something he would have picked to do with us! He didn't complain or look upset but he did figure out how much $ his ornament was worth by using his hourly pay rate times hours spent on the project. Then he explained that we could have bought the nicest ornaments they sell and decorate the tree for what his paper one was worth. LOL! I don't have pictures of the ornaments the children made because they ran over to the tree and hung them every time they finished one. They ran back and forth from table to tree making and decorating. Look at how much Demi enjoyed this.

Rob made this underdog for our tree. I think this might be the only ornament he ever makes for our tree so I have put it up high on the tree and treasure it!

I made this Santa one.

Rob bought another couple packs of shatter proof ornaments for the tree so we all hung them together.

Look at our yogurt faced girl! She figured out how to put hooks on the ornaments herself.

We went to have pictures taken. I always wonder how people can afford to do this every Christmas. I never hear people complain about the price of pictures but it always seems very expensive to me. I know the large price is one of the reasons why we only do this at Christmas and if I remembered the price ahead of time maybe I wouldn't even do it then. The children didn't cry or fuss this time so that is a HUGE improvement from last year's pictures. Demi's cheeks have some wind burn on them from walking from the house to the car in the big winds we had yesterday. Travis had a touch of it also but not like Demi but both children have red faces in the pictures. Demi has a large bruise on her head but I can't think of any time that she hasn't had one on her head from the day she started crawling so I guess until she is older and stops doing head stands and somersaults across the house she will always have a mark on her head for all pictures. We left our house at 3pm and came home at almost 11 most of that time was spent on our holiday pictures. We waited hours to view our pictures because the picture people was so busy when we came back for appointment to view them.

We also got the Santa picture taken and NOBODY CRIED!! Demi and Zee didn't even know it was Santa's lap they were on. We sat them down and told them to say cheese. It took several minutes for Demi to look behind her and see Santa. LOL!

Here are a few more paper ornaments we have made for the tree.


Heather said...

What wonderful times you have. Thanks for sharing.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I love your family time. I love the cone people. DS would love to do that. Demi looks like such a big girl now. Thanks for sharing.

Amber said...

I wish all my days could have my hubby involved but he isn't home much. I often get real jealous when I read your blog. I think this post "looks" a bit different than our days really are because my hubby was with us for so many days. I love the look of it with Rob with us but it doesn't happen often.

I wish I had more times like this. Maybe someday we will live near Rob's job. Demi is so big (sniff sniff).