Saturday, December 15, 2007


We did the Unplug Your Kids project this week. I have wanted to join in with the unplug projects for weeks now but I wasn't sure how it worked. I hope I am doing this right. Kate and Heather made it look like so much fun I wanted to join in. Some of you know I spin yarn both on a wheel and on a drop spindle so yarn is something I LOVE to play with! I am very happy my children also like yarn. Someday I need to learn to knit so I can use up all the yarn I spin. We have many yarn projects going on right now. I guess you can say we have gone a bit yarn crazy at my house. I am going to try and get several of them uploaded for you to see. I will start with the ones my children liked the best.

Snow man ornaments
At first I planned to make pompom snowmen but when I started wrapping the yarn to show Travis and Demi how to make the pompoms I got this idea of just tying them and not cutting the strings to make pompoms. This one is a big hit with my children! Simple enough that I didn't need to help them much.

We used a small lid to wrap our yarn around. I chose a small lid because it was the first sturdy thing I found when I looked around in the kitchen for something that would work. We tied (I tied Demi's) at the top and bottom then slipped it off the lid. We used a red yarn to tie a scarf on and that is our snowman ornament.

We made lots of different ones and they are still making them right now so I may end up with a tree full of snowmen. This one we didn't tie in the middle.

A 3 piece snowman none of us liked this type. Travis decided that 2 section snowmen looked the best.Travis and Demi liked adding this kind of eyes on them.

Another thing we did was made ornaments by dipping yarn in glue and making pictures on wax paper with the yarn. They are still wet so I will have to update you later on how they turn out

I will add other yarn crafts we have done on Monday's post.


Kate in NJ said...

Oh Amber, you put me to shame..always
so creative!! We are going to try those ..if I can find my yarn box!

Heather said...

I am so glad that you joined in. Your projects are amazing.

reprehriestless warillever said...

I love the yarn in glue idea. We'll have to try that after tomorrow's graham cracker houses. So many good ideas!