Saturday, December 08, 2007

Paper fun

A few weeks ago I printed out some things off of print-n-play toys for some things to keep the children busy. I printed out this fish tank and stickers. Only I printed it all on regular paper and cut the circles out. Then Demi glued on the fish how she wanted them. She decided to glue on the fish and then play with the starfish circles. I later in the day found starfish circles hid all over the house.

I printed out Travis this little soccer game the same day. We have had lots of fun with this. Travis has spent hours playing this with Daddy and I. He has had hours of fun trying to flick balls in the goal alone (trying to get better to beat Daddy). A small triangle folded paper is the ball (like what boys flicked as footballs in middle school). My finger gets tired from flicking this ball for long periods of time. I am very surprised that this game has held up to all the playing time we have had with it. It is only a couple sheets of card stock paper. Our field now has some water spots on it. My guess is Travis washed his hands and didn't dry them before playing. LOL! The water spots hasn't affected the use of the board at all. I guess you can see that I was in a rush to put the game together and I only cut out the one page. That is why half the field has a white frame around it. I put this together. I don't think Travis (age 7) could put the goals together evenly. It isn't hard but if they are not lined up I think one goal would be easier to make a goal on than another. It only takes a couple minutes to glue the goals on and the 2 sides together so I think it was well worth the time.

This reindeer paper toy is one that my 7 year old can do by himself. It is very simple to make. We did not make take this picture I copied this picture from the site but ours looks like it.

Santa's holiday hand car is one I am making. I love the cute paper ornaments on this site!

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