Friday, December 14, 2007

Salt Dough Ornaments.

I am so happy to have another picture of Rob joining us in making tree ornaments! I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside thinking about all the wonderful memories he is giving the children. I don't know of many children get to make tree decorations with dads. I didn't ever think Rob was the type to do crafts with the children. I didn't ask Rob to join in with us this time he just sat down and started making them with us. What a good Daddy! I think that I am a lucky wife to have a husband like him. I feel that my blog is starting to look a bit like Heathers. I see her hubby in so many pictures doing fun things with her boys. I noticed that it is easier to take pictures when Rob joins in. The children are busy watching and trying to do what Daddy is doing I get time to snap pictures.

Painting a few of them.
Demi made some more pony bead ornaments while Travis was doing his math lesson.

We have lots more to paint yet. I know I am going to need to help paint them or it will be next Christmas before they all get finished.


Heather said...

Well personally I think that your blog looks wonderful. (hehehe) It is definetly easier when dad joins in to get the pictures. As far as being a lucky wife, I think we both are. Maybe it has to do with husbands named Rob because that is my guys name to. LOL

Heather said...

Oh I also forgot to mention I sent an e-mail to you the other day about the unplug your kids project. I got thinking that I might have sent it to your address at aol, but I know you changed it. The kids were distracting me when I wrote it so I do not remember what one I did. Long story short incase you did not get it. No you do not have to be a reader of her blog, just join in. Hope that helps.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I like your new aet up as well. It allows you to post things on the side.
Yes it is so nice to have dads chip in. I do know some men that don't do anything crafting at all.

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

your site is really cool Amber. Yay, I get to chekc out your site you like. !!!!!

Amber said...

I am posting a quick note here I hope you both see it. I had a hard time today (Zee was very fussy). I did get to read the computer a little and I have so much I want to tell both of you (Heather and Yasmina) but the baby keeps waking up and my hubby is on his way home in a bad ice storm we are having. Tomorrow is his day off so I might not get to writ until Tues. I am going to try to do unplug project thanks a bunch Heather.

Yasmina, I am so grateful for all the info you wrote yesterday! I am enjoying looking at all the stuff on your blog!!! I will write you both in the next day or two. I love having hubby home but I miss my friends!