Saturday, December 01, 2007

Paper fun.

We have been printing off a lot of online paper projects lately. Below is a car Travis colored and put together. Demi colored one and we put it together for her but I can't find the picture of it.

We had a LOT of fun with this project. We all took turns creating our own paper critters. The one on the left I made . The one on the right is Travis's. The middle one Demi picked out from the colony she didn't want to create her own the first time we did them.Then we made a family critter. In my family we all seem to want to do things our own way and sometimes (often) tell each other how to do things. I don't like this so I thought if we made a family critter together we would all have to adjust to the way others want things. We all took turns picking things out to put on the critter. I even let Demi pick something each time (she picked flowers most of her turns). I don't think Rob liked that our critter was purple. Travis didn't like that I made the ears 2 different colors and uneven. I didn't like that Rob made our critter look like he messed his pants!!! We all had to encourage each other and I am sure it was hard for Rob and Travis not to complain about what others chose. I myself had a hard time choosing not to say anything about the poo pants (I know he thought I would say something)! We all laughed and built each other up. I guess this critter is NOT how any of my family members wanted it to look but that is the part that makes this little critter so special! BTW this critter looked much nicer when we first made him. I loaded our pictures into a folder and I can't find them so I had to take new ones of a critter Demi has been playing with for days now!.

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