Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Child's mailbox

I made this one for my DD. I made it with a large oats can. I covered it with a piece of black construction paper. I used a wooden ball that I had lots of (dollar store sells them in a bag). I stuck a wooden golf tee in the ball to attach with a dab of glue. I used the golf tee and wooden ball with a dab of glue to attach the flag on the side. I made the flag from a piece of cardboard and red paint. I covered the flag with some clear packing tape because my little girl is 19 months old and rough on things. If you look close you can see I used a bit of yarn to attach the lid to the can.
Bottom view. I added a strip of cardboard (I stapled it) on the bottom to keep it from rolling away. I could hang it on the wall by sticking a nail in the wall and adding a small hole in the back but my daughter would tear it off the wall so this will sit on her bookshelf.

Side view.

Flag up.

It didn't take long to make. I don't know how well it will hold up to my rough tough 19 month old. I have another mailbox (rectangle style) I will try to post next.

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