Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mardi Gras

Some of the crafts we made yesterday for Mardi Gras. I will try to post more of the silly stuff we had fun with over the last 2 weeks tonight or tomorrow. It all depends on when D falls asleep tonight. She is still cutting teeth.
Our Jester hats. We made a band and attached triangle shaped construction paper around we then curled the ends. I couldn't find our bags of bells so they don't have bells yet.

Our masks. Mine is the purple one. T's is the yellow and blue one. D's is the purple yellow and red one. She painted it herself I think she did a good job! OH! I couldn't find my bag of dowels so I used my son's Knex on the sides of them.

Some of our crowns. We made 5 but I could only find a picture of 3. I will try to find a picture of them all and our necklaces that we made later.

PANCAKES! Regular pancakes, pancakes with white chocolate chips, pancakes with chocolate chips, and the dark ones in the back are pancakes with bananas.
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