Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spelling Class

My pictures on this all went away. I hope that if I hit the button to publish this again my pictures will show back up. Sorry all! I am clueless with computers!

I'm sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. Our power was out for most of the day so I will post today's spelling class. I will also try to post our pictures from our Fat Tuesday celebration later in the day.

Spelling today was UGLY! D tossed a HUGE tantrum! She wanted a lolly pop and when I said no candy she threw herself on the floor and cried, slobbered drool on the floor, and pounded her fist on the floor. This lasted for several minutes. Once she realized that tossing a fit wasn't going to get a pop she calmed down and wanted to join us at the table again.

This is a picture of T doing his spelling page. D is writing with a pencil and playing with stickers.
She played with her magnets for only a minute. Most days she loves to do this. I was surprised she didn't want to today.

This is D getting into trouble. She is tossing puzzle pieces at her brother! I gave her a firm warning that if she did it again she would not be allowed at the table she would have to go play in her play room.

Here she is looking cute behaving for a minute after her warning.

Right after this she got down from the table and climbed up on the kitchen counters! I gave her one warning that if she did that again she would have to go into the play room (other side of fence). She did it 2 seconds later and had to go into the play room. After 3 minutes of her SCREAMING as loud as she could (thinking that we would bring her back in if she screamed loud enough) she found something to play with in her play room and T could finish his spelling in peace.

Her tantrums is a new thing she decided to try today. I know she will try this many more times before she realizes that I will not give her what she wants because she screams or pounds the floor. T got a little upset during it I told him that I knew it is hard to think and do his work when she is screaming but if he pretended it didn't bother her she would stop. He ignored her screams and they did stop quickly. I gave him a few goldfish crackers as a thank you for staying calm when his sister was fussing. Spelling took a few extra minutes from the screams but we are all happy now and back on track with the rest of our school day.

I wanted to show you all the fun things we do during spelling class but that didn't happen today. Spelling is a fun happy subject most of the time for both my children. Today wasn't fun or happy but this is a real look at our day so keep it honest I shared it all. Homeschooling with a almost 7 year old and a 19 month old will always have small ugly parts in our day. Right now the children are laughing and playing having a wonderful time. I was hoping that Spelling would look like that for you all today but maybe Grammar will look that way tomorrow. LOL!

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