Monday, February 19, 2007

Our school day. Writing class. part 1

I am going to try to show you all one class at a time each day. Then in a week or two you all will see a clear view from inside our house (good and bad). I hope that someone might see this and be able to share a simpler way to homeschool with a 19 month old. If you have something that works well for you PLEASE SHARE! For people who have children under 19 months old well..... I guess this can show you how I cope and how ugly it can get! LOL! My son does get all his work done even with his sister trying her best to distract him. I will start with our first class today then move on tomorrow to our second class.

In the morning, after my children wake up, get dressed, wash faces, eat breakfast, and brush teeth we do writing class. This was so EASY up until last month! My son would sit at the table or a desk and write a page or two in his book and my youngest would play with her toys alone or with me. Now my youngest doesn't want to play with Mommy or her toys. She wants to be with her brother. So this is how I have been doing school over the last month.

I cover the table in paper. I set out markers (they are in coffee cans) for T to draw when he is waiting for my help or to doodle between subjects. We also set out our pencil box both children share that.

This is some of the supplies I use with D (19 month old).
Montessori insets. She is just starting on them. The circle is the one we are working on right now.

Markers this is one of her favorite things to use right now.

Stencils, the kind of toys you get from a pinata. Most children run to the candy when the pinata breaks but every birthday party at our house my children run to grab the plastic animal stencils. LOL! My daughter will try to trace around them but she hasn't got the hang of it yet. She will use her muffin tin crayons to make rubbings of them if I put paper over them. She likes to just play with them say the animal name and make the sounds. She will often walk them across the table.

Crayons we use for the rubbings and some jumbo preschool crayons.

Regular crayons like her brothers. She will sometimes scream to have crayons like the ones her brother has.

Preschool writing stacking crayons. She likes to build and write with them.Some paints. I put a drop or two of water in each color before we start school so she can paint with them without my help.

colored pencils for the Montessori insets and for writing when she gets bored of the other stuff.

Another pack of markers.We have several other things to keep her busy when we do writing but this is what she used today. Other things she used today are stickers, magnetic doodle board, sensory table with oats and animals in it, cup of milk, and dish of Cheerios's cereal. Often she likes to draw on the floor or use the chalk boards but they didn't interest her today. I will make another post showing our writing class in action. I am worried with dial up if I make this any longer I might loose all of what I just did!

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