Thursday, February 08, 2007

More of our day today.

Look! She looks so happy! I am glad that it is easy to sweep up! She is my messy girl! It is old coffee grounds if you are wondering. You can build a coffee ground castle with it if they are damp. Yuck I know but my little one likes it. It is so cold she can't be outside as much as she wants so this is how we are dealing with it until the temp goes up some.

All I see right now is a X I hope when this post under this writing should be a picture of a box full of wonderful stuff a friend sent me. Her name is AmySue and she is such a kind and wonderful person! Thanks AmySue! For anyone who might come across this blog and have no idea who AmySue is let me tell you about her. She is a homeschooling Mom. She taught school before she stayed home to teach her children. She is fun, creative and full of the BEST teaching ideas! Learning how to teach from her has made me a better mom and I will be forever grateful for it! OH! You can visit her blog Her school always looks like SO MUCH FUN! Her boys are beautiful and they always have the biggest smiles.

Look my children think it is Christmas! They LOVE all of it!

Thanks again AmySue! My children also say thank you! They have been playing without me for the last 2 hours! That isn't normal in my house!

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AmySue said...

I am so glad the box made it to you guys!!! I left it up to the boys to send while I was on my trip - so I wasn't sure if it would make it! Glad the kids have enjoyed the box of "stuff"!!!