Friday, February 23, 2007

Some of my favorite teaching tools

First let me say I am sorry for not taking more pictures of our school days. I will get back to that on Monday. My hubby was off yesterday and today so things got a little off track (normal for us). I thought I would take a minute and share my favorite teaching tools. I LOVE EASTER EGGS!! The cheap plastic ones! I have used them for years to make up games to teach my son. You can teach colors, sort them by color, make patterns for the children to copy then add to it. You can count them, add, subtract, multiply, divide, put letters on the outside with a permanent marker, put numbers on the outside to make math problems. put words to read (like sight words) inside them, use them to toss, catch, pretend play (bird studies, or cooking in kitchen). Use them for a treasure hunt. I can go on and on about the fun things to do with plastic Easter eggs but I guess you get the idea. I wanted to write about this now because they have them in all stores right now and after Easter they are HARD to find. I am so excited because my hubby bought me 2 large bags yesterday. I think they cost about a dollar a bag. Target wanted a LOT of money for the ones they had. My hubby just told me we bought them at Big Lots for 1.25 a bag they have 36 eggs in a bag.

Another favorite thing of mine is Easter grass. Toss a lot of it in a big box and let the children jump in it. I remember when my son was little he once pretended to take a bath in a tub of Easter grass. You can hide things in Easter grass. I like to hide things to count, read or letters to learn in the grass. My children think learning is fun if you get to dig in grass. Use the grass for playing farm. It goes wonderful with something like a fisher price farm set or even a paper farm animal set. You can toss it like confetti. It makes silly pretend hair on crafts. Children can have lots of fun for HOURS with Easter grass. Buckets and baskets are another thing I love to use for teaching that are in all stores this time of year. I am short on time tonight so that is all for today. I will try to post the pictures of stuff we did this week in the next day or two when I get a few free minutes.

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