Wednesday, February 07, 2007

History Today

I am finding homeschooling with a 19 month old challenging right now. She wants to be at the table with her brother but she doesn't have the attention span to sit quietly at the table for a full class. Our history can run up to 90 minutes. My little one can only sit quiet for about 5 minutes before she wants something new to do. This is how she started out for our history class. In her booster chair with a bib, markers, papers EXACTLY like her brothers, animal crackers, and a smoothie to drink.
This is my son all happy and ready to learn. He has his coloring pages, writing pages, markers, animal crackers and a smoothie.
The next picture is about 5 minutes later. DD took off her bib and was climbing out of her chair onto the table. Creating a HUGE distraction. I let her move to be next to her brother. This worked for about 5 more minutes.

This is my son doing his work and trying not to let his sister bother him.

I Think you can tell in the pictures below little sis is not quiet at all! It was all kind of a fog. LOTS of interruptions Demi needed food, markers, drinks, brothers page. The list of all she wanted during our History class is WAY to long to list. Silly me, I thought she had EVERYTHING before we started! I remember feeling like pulling all of my hair out by the end somehow I managed to keep a smile on my face and I stayed calm. When I show that I am frustrated my children will also show frustration then NO school gets done.
This is her at the end of History. She has some orange food on her face (I don't remember any orange foods), lots of her own marker art on her hands and face, her shirt is very DIRTY (remember we started out with a bib)! I am exhausted! Hooray! Our school day is done! If anyone has any advice to offer with how to homeschool with an ummm..... wonderful energetic toddler under toe I would love to hear it! I will post tomorrow the things I use to work around my little wild monkey (wonderful little girl). BUT! As you can see I only have ideas on how to survive with a wild toddler I don't know how to effectively teach with one! I am tired so I am off to bed. I have 2 more days of this left this week so I better get some sleep. Please forgive me if my typing is hard to read. It has been a long day.

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