Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year catching up with stuff

We did celebrate Chinese New Year but it looks like I forgot to post pictures. This is our Chinese paper lanterns.
Our Dragon masks this is T's mask.

This is D's mask T colored it and I added the paper to the outside for her.
This is one of the many pig crafts. I must say that we are BIG into pigs right now. We have done 3 little pigs, this little piggy, farms, Chinese New Year (year of the pig), give a pig a pancake, and next week is pig day. We are getting a lot of use out of our pig crafts. I will have to see if I have pictures of all of our pig crafts from the last 2 weeks.
Can you tell D did her pig all by herself? LOL! She drew on her brothers pig! See all the scribbles between the eyes? T is OK with it because she just drew on it today and this craft isn't new. After things are a day old he is no longer attached to his stuff. LOL!
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