Monday, February 05, 2007

Groundhogs Day

Our Groundhogs Day. We got up early and watched TV for what felt like forever to see what the Groundhog had to say. He said early spring so we headed outside to take a look. We looked for a long time and we agree we couldn't see our shadows anywhere.
This is my happy son.

My darling daughter.

Looking for shadows.

No shadow here.

Look I see something.....
Animal tracks! This is my daughter pouting because she had to come inside.

We made groundhog masks, shadow crafts, and puppets but I didn't remember to take pictures.
This is Demi writing at the table. She wants to do school with her brother now. This is making school time a little harder. I will try to write about how I work with that next time.
Foaming soap play. A few weeks ago she cried when she saw the can of foaming soap. I was worried about her new sensory quirk. My hubby worked on it until she learned that soap play was fun not scary! LOL!
We had company most of the afternoon that day. After they left my son had enough time to make this! HOORAY! Our first snowman of the season. He stood about a foot high! LOL! He does have 2 button eyes one is lighter in color making it hard to see.

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