Monday, February 19, 2007

Our schol day wrtiting class in action.

I copied my sons writing page so D could have one like his. This helps keep her from writing on his book.

This is a picture of T sitting at the table ready to start school. He is drawing pictures.We had a BAD start! I put D in her booster and she SCREAMED! She did NOT want to sit in a baby chair. She wanted to be in a big chair like her brother. I knew if she sat right next to him she would draw all over his book (I have already learned that one the hard way). I had him move to the end of the table. T cut out a person from his drawing and gave it to her. That made D happy and we could start school. Here she is finally happy at the table.
You can see she went right for the markers! This is about 30 seconds into our writing class.

Orange hands!All of this is about 30 seconds or 1 minute into our class. This is how far T has got on his writing page. 1 line done 5 to go.D. LOVES Santa pencils. Her brother got them for Christmas and she has stole them all from him. She is now doing her writing page like her brother. It doesn't look at all like letters but LOOK at the BEAUTIFUL pencil grip she has! It took T. YEARS to get a good pincher grip with a backwards C around the pencil. His grip still isn't nice as it should be. D's is WONDERFUL! It is all natural for her. I should say that T wasn't able to hold a pencil at this age but he was starting to read at that time. I think it is neat seeing how children develop as such different rates.

She is stacking her crayons.
Wonder how far T is on his writing?Back to more Santa pencil play. She takes off Santa....And puts him back on yelling HO, HO, HO! LOL! It is cute but distracting to her brother whom is working hard on his paper.
She then moved on to her plastic animals.

Then on to stickers.

She moved to the other side of the table to use her doodle writer.

Painting was her favorite thing to do today. She spent more time doing this than any of the other things I had out for her.

Look they are both working quietly! A wonderful moment of peace!

T working hard on his page still.She has dumped all her cereal on the table and is now walking across the chairs.

I was afraid she was going to fall off the chairs so I put her on the floor. She ran over to her sensory table (we have oats in it this week). She fed oats to her animals then had it snow oats on them all.

T finished his writing. 1 subject down 8 or so more to go!

LOOK at this MESS! We have never had a table after our first class get this messy! I think it got this way because I was busy taking pictures and didn't pick up as we went along.

That is a VERY REAL look into our day. It was only about 15 minutes. Most days when this is going on I am washing breakfast dishes, starting laundry, keeping D off the table, and picking up some of the mess on the table. I couldn't do that and take pictures. I will try to take pictures of Spelling class tomorrow. OH! If anyone has ideas or suggestions to help homeschool with a wild 19 month old PLEASE SHARE!!!!

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Kate in NJ said...

I love this "real" look at your day!
Your son is such a great big brother!
Demi is such a cute little "Monkey"!