Saturday, October 27, 2007


I love our van! I am so happy we had a way to bring home sheets of drywall, a tub. and all the other stuff needed ASAP for this project.

YUCK! Good news is the floor is in wonderful shape! We don't have to replace the floor.
NEW TUB! It looks very odd with no walls around it.
Umm.... We had another leak dripping down on our living room floor. D. asked to clean it up. What a good girl I have!
Rob and my Dad working. I know I have told you all that I have the best parents in the world. My Dad is so nice he came up to help both Monday and Friday.

LOOK! Almost 2 walls up!! Hooray!
This is D. pretending to go potty. She wanted to see what Daddy was doing so she yelled to go potty after bedtime. Once she found the box of screws she NEEDED to help so the last wall in the shower she got to hand Daddy the screws and tools to help. Then she didn't want to go back to bed she wanted to keep helping.
This is her wall. Daddy told her many time this is the last screw I need. She kept ignoring him saying over and over again here you go Daddy then handing him yet another screw. Rob keep finding one more place to add a screw so he could make his little girl happy. She screamed when I told her Daddy was done for the night.

We let her draw on her wall and told her she needed to get to sleep so she could help Daddy more in the morning. Below is D's picture on our wall.
She went back to bed and I got to take a bath in the new tub. We should get the shower done on Rob's next day off. Rob is going to have a hard time getting ready for work in the morning. He will have to get up a lot earlier to take a bath every day. We have a small leak so he has to find that before finishing up this project. I am so happy to have a working tub! I was so afraid when he smashed out the old tub that the floor would be rotten under the tub and we would need a new floor. I was very excited to see nice looking dry wood on our floor with no water damage under the tub. I was also afraid that something would go wrong with putting in the new tub and we might be without a tub for weeks. I think whenever a person does a do it yourself remodel you know you might run into a problem, but a do it yourself remodel in a farmhouse built in the 1800's can add a lot of unexpected problems along the way. When my house was built it didn't have a bathroom only an outhouse and no electricity. Many people have lived in and done work on my house so it is hard to tell what one will find when tearing things out. I am very happy that it was only a day without a tub for us. Now I don't have to worry about my children being filthy dirty and smelly. LOL! I have to say that drywall around the tub looks so much better than that torn out gross look of when it was all gutted out!


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Wow Amber, a new baby, homeschooling mom and now dripping pipes and a whole new bathtub. Thank goodness your men know what they are doing.
I saw pics of the new baby girl. The picture of her and D are like twins. How identical. I hope you are doing well recovering from C section. I saw you went to NJ????? Didn't you just have a baby. You must be like me. We drove to California when Zahara was 4 days old. LOL Aren;t we crazy. lol

Kate in NJ said...

OK, Your hubby also rocks!!
I've been waiting...many years to have a finished floor in my kitchen..
I guess he doesn't actually use the room, so he doesn't notice it,lol.

Amber said...

My hubby has no clue to what he is doing!LOL! He has NEVER done anything like this! He is doing great for someone who doesn't know how! I am so proud of him! His only other home project was putting up ceiling blocks in our playroom last year. I thought we would be divorced before he finished that project. He yelled a lot when he did that and it was just ceiling blocks and a fan in the ceiling. This project it becoming a HUGE job he has stayed calm, kind, and worked hard without complaining at all. He is like a new man! He is learning as he goes. He didn't break anything other than the tub that had to be smashed to remove it and has done NICE work!

I am doing much better now! Recovering from this C section was HARD I am so happy to be back to myself! The trip to NJ was fun. We all traveled well this time. I would LOVE to be like you but I am not brave enough to take my very active children on a plane alone! I guess I am not as crazy as you! LOL!

Kate I agree my hubby ROCKS! I think your hubby ROCKS also! I have seen pictures of his garden, working on your house and yard. I wonder how he finds time to do it all! Your family is so busy all the time. Maybe if you get a big water leak in your kitchen that does a lot of damage to your floor you will get yours done? We have planed to remodel our bathroom for over 5 years and it took a leaky pipe for Rob to start on it. Your family looks so busy all the time with all the things you do I think time must be part of the problem getting your floor done. I know TIME is a HUGE reason why Rob took so long to start this. Not that Rob and I have a busy life it is more because Rob works LONG hours and isn't home a lot to do a project so big.