Friday, October 19, 2007

Something stinks!

Something stinks and it isn't dirty diapers! Rob found this guy in our back yard last night. I thought he was crazy taking the camera outside at 2:00 am. Once I saw he was taking a skunks picture only a few feet away from him I KNEW he was crazy. I now know who sneaks off with our chicken eggs! OK, I am not going to fight him for the eggs! I would rather let him have them. He is very large and must eat well. I wonder if his home in in our yard? 15 acres is a lot of yard he could be living in so many places. I just hope it is NOT close to our house! I imagine this skunk will be sticking around. Anyone know how to get a skunk to go away? He hasn't sprayed around our house at all so I guess typing something stinks is not a nice thing to say about him. I would like it if he found a new home down the road in a field and not in our yard but with my luck I doubt he will ever go away.

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