Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My hubby went back to work last Friday and I am trying to get back into our old routine only now I am trying to do it with 3 children. I know this will make all mothers of 3 or more children laugh but I need to say this. I heard from so many mothers how wonderful the 3rd child is. Over and over again I heard how the third child in a family is not as demanding as child #1 and #2. My guess is that child #1 and child #2 demand so much that child #3 quietly finds his/her place in the family and never gets to demand as much as the first two children do (because the first two are a lot louder and don't ever stop demanding/needing things to let the third one demand much of anything). I think I heard you all say this and I got the crazy idea life would be easy with three children. I forgot to add in how demanding my older two children are into my picture perfect dream of life with 3 children! ! I don't know what I was thinking!!!! I can clearly SEE now (after my Mom pointed it out) that you all told me that the child would NOT be AS DEMANDING as my other 2 but for some reason I got the crazy thought in my head that adding another baby to my family would somehow make my life easier! ROTFLOL! I now can see that NOBODY told me life would be easier!!! You only said the third would not be as demanding as the first two! I have NO idea how or why I thought my life would be easier. I think lack of sleep for the last 9 months messed with my thinking some! I had the thought that my other 2 would mature a lot with the arrival of a new baby. T. was such a good help when I had D. I thought the same would happen when Z. was born. I must say that my baby is a very good baby. She doesn't seem to demand anything. I nurse her, change a diaper, and wear her in a sling or MT and she sleeps most of the day with no fussing at all.
With my slow recovery I have had a VERY hard time with my older 2 children. They demand just as much (maybe even more of me) as they did before the baby was born. I feel that most of my day I am trying to keep up with my 2 year old and 7 year old and that is SOOOOO hard to do with me still being sore, tired, and healing from surgery. I thought this C-section would go as smooth as my other sections and I wouldn't need time to recover. Right after my other sections I ran the vacuum, carried laundry baskets, picked up toys off the floor, and do other housework the day I came home from the hospital. I can't do all that stuff this time it is so hard to get stuff like that done this time. When I was still pregnant I thought that lifting my 2 year old after my section would not be much of a problem. I now see that every time I pick up or carry my 2 year old I am sore for a LONG time after. BUT I often have no choice. D. LOVES to run off across the soccer field during her brothers soccer games. I have to run after her pick her up and run with her off the field (with my baby in a sling attached to me) in a rush before the players get up to that part of the field. After the 6th time of running after her I am exhausted! Anyway, I LOVE being a mom of 3 but I have to say that I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. Things are getting easier as I heal a bit more each day and I am working hard at getting back on track. I have noticed that getting my older children back to the routine we have always had has also helped a lot! I plan to sneak in time to reply to everyones comments in the next few days and then find some time to read everyone's blogs to see what you have all been up to!

Monday school pictures.
I took a few pictures of D. doing some of her school work on Monday.
This is her coloring a tree, counting out 5 apples for her tree, gluing the apples on her tree, eating apples for a snack, and coloring the letter A.

Some pictures of T.'s soccer game on Saturday.

Pictures of my Mom and Dad holding baby Z.

Picture of my MIL and baby Z.

What about pictures of me? I would LOVE to have some nice mama and baby pictures to share with you all!!! BUT! I have found that my hubby is NOT good at taking pictures! Our camera is his but he is NOT good at taking pictures of people. The pictures he took in the hospital of me are very blurry (I can't even tell they are of me). I think he was very nervous and worried so that can explain the bad pictures. Once we got home I tried to take a few pictures in the bathroom mirror they are not the best. Please remember I am not feeling my best and my hair is not done (I don't have the time or feel up to styling it) but this is me with baby Z.

This one was taken I think the day after we got home from the hospital.

This one was taken just a day or two ago (sorry I cut off the top of my head).
I will try to get my 7 year old to snap a few pictures for me in the next few days or maybe my hubby will have time to play with the camera a bit on his next day off. I thought he never took pictures because he never thought to grab the camera. I never thought that he might not be the best at taking pictures of people. Two years ago he took tons of beautiful bird pictures for me of the birds that feed in our front yard. I guess birds and people are not the same. LOL!

A picture of doodle bug holding her baby sister.

Baby Z. in the tub

That is about all I have to share with you all today. I hope to have more to share tomorrow or Thursday.


Heather said...

Oh I feel for you. Just try to take everything in stride. Rest as much as you can and enjoy the kids as much as possible. I just wish I was closer I would help you out. Remember we are all here for you.

Kate in NJ said...

Ditto!! ((hugs))

Daphne said...

Gosh Z is so wide eyed! And the picture with D is so sweet. That's definitely one the grandparents would go crazy over. The combination of how sweet my little one is and how adorable yours are all together makes me thing about having another... then I come to my senses. (For now at least)

Shauna said...

I've been thinking about you. I hope you're recovering well and will feel like your old self again! I'm sorry the adjustment has been so hard for you, and like Heather, I wish I was close enough to come help out! I feel like I've known you so long now, and here we both are with 3 rugrats. It'd be good to team up...you could always move to NC. ;)