Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am still alive.

Sorry I have been gone so long! Life with 3 children is very busy! I feel that in my house right now someone needs me for something ALL THE TIME! T. needs help with school work or needs a question answered (I need to spend a bit more time showing him how to find answers online himself). T. has always had this NEED to KNOW EVERYTHING! It is very hard for me to keep looking up answers all day with 2 other children to care for. I love seeing his desire to learn all day long but it is wearing me out! D. is ummm.... a wonderful handful! That girl has so much energy and spunk! She is learning very fast but I can't figure out how! I don't get to spend the time with her that I would like to have. She seems to be picking a lot up on her own. The one thing I wish she didn't know how to do was SCREAM! She knows she can control EVERYONE by SCREAMING! This girl has a SCREAM that is SOOOOOOO LOUD, high pitched, and headache causing! I try to ignore it and NOT GIVE IN! BUT!!!!! My problem is that she will keep SCREAMING until she wakes up the baby and makes the baby scream! D. will continue to SCREAM until T. or Daddy give in! She now KNOWS if she screams long enough someone will give in! GRRRRrrr.. I try to tell myself that she will outgrow this..... someday I hope! Baby Z. is a wonderful baby. She has 2 fussy times a day. One is in the afternoon I think it caused by wanting to sleep and having a big sister that SCREAMS so she can't sleep. The other fussy time is in the middle of the night. It starts right around the time I am so tired I can hardly move and my eyes will not stay open (3 am is tough on me)! I love being a mother of 3 but I would be lying if I said it was easy! I am very tired! I feel at every second of my day and night someone in my house needs a question answered, help with doing something, help finding things, food to eat, a diaper changed, help getting to the potty and on and on! House work is hard to get done. Me talking on the phone is now a thing of the past, getting to the computer is close to impossible, days are long and nights are VERY short! If anyone has words of wisdom/advice/or such PLEASE share! I think this will get easier as time goes on but right now I don't think I have much time to sit, relax, or even breath sometimes! I find myself so busy I miss more meals than I eat. My head hurts all day and night all the time. I wonder if it is from...
1. T. asking questions and NEEDING answers ALL the time.
2. D. SCREAMING to get what she wants.
3. Z. fussing for 2 hours in the middle of the night.
4. lack of sleep.
5. recovering from my c-section.
6. not eating right.
7. not drinking enough
8. something else

Below are some pictures we took last week.

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I will try to get a better routine going next week.

OH! I wanted to let you all know that life with 3 is hard but soooooooooooo worth the work! My family does have more joy, love, and even more tender moments than it did with only 2 children. Seeing Rob sing the baby to sleep is so wonderful to watch. Seeing T. run to his baby sister every whimper and sneeze warms my heart. Hearing D. tell anyone who comes near the baby "THAT IS MY BABY SISTER" and seeing her give the baby soft kisses all day long is priceless. I love that my days are full of holding, nursing, changing, singing, rocking, and loving this tiny baby. My days are very full but what better way to fill them? Please forgive my typing. I am VERY short on sleep so I hope you can read and understand what I am trying to say.


Kate in NJ said...

I am so glad your days are filled with so much love and joy...I hope your nights will soon be filled with more sleep.LOL

Daphne said...

Yay Amber's back!!! I'm so happy that your family is so happy (and adjusting so well!). It's a shame that I'm not the most energetic or enthusiastic pregnant person, because I'm starting to want a 3rd! I need to keep my head about me - and repeat, "Brenna is too young still" over and over.