Saturday, October 27, 2007


T. was sleeping when D. got to make her own wall last night. He looked very sad when he asked about the drawing D. did on the wall. He knew we let her do it because it was in the bathroom and way up out of her reach on the wall with her name wrote next to it. I told him if he wanted to he could get his big box of markers and draw on a wall around the tub. I didn't think he wanted to do it but I noticed a few minutes later he wasn't around. I went looking and this is what I found.

This is his wall. He went back up and wrote I love you Daddy later in the day but it isn't in the picture. I think it will make Rob smile when he is taking his bath in the morning.


I had to buy costumes this year. I like making costumes but this year it is out of the question. Life with a new baby and a bathroom torn apart makes time for sewing out of the question.

I took them to the store to get costumes today.
T. decided to be.....
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo
And D. decided on...
Little Red Riding Hood.
He is a 7 year old boy. I guess it is a normal choice for a 7 year old boy.

I guess this is a normal pick for a 2 year old. D. went CRAZY when she saw this costume. She has been acting out the story all day long. She is 27 months old now and she is so fun. She loves pretend play. This pose cracks me up! I am guessing it is something T. saw in the movie? We do have the movie but I have to confess I didn't watch all of it (I fell asleep). She is taking goodies to her grandmothers house.

I feel very bad about not making costumes and having a costume party (with guests) for the children. I think once our bathroom is put together and we have some extra cash I will have a become a super hero party or something like that for the children. I will invite over some children and help them make superhero/princess costumes to wear and take home. Superheros and princes dress up is fun any time of year not just Halloween. Right? I think T. is old enough that he might want to create his own superhero and not go with the traditional ones this year. If not I think a simple cape can work for superman, batman, robin, pirate, Zoro, starwars, king, and such. I can sew up some capes and let the children design a logo then I can sew it on the capes for them and make up a blindfold with eye cutouts to protect the true identity of the hero. LOL! The girls can be superheros or turn the cape into a princess cape they could be decorated with feathers, fur, sequence, and gold ribbons and have a crown. I can make up bibs, slippers, or hats for any babies. I can't exclude little Zee but I think she is too young for a cape. I think a bib or hat is much safer for her. I know I can do this I just need to wait until after Halloween. It would be easier having children show up in costumes on Halloween letting them play a couple games have pizza and go home. I know Rob will not have my bathroom done by Wed. so I guess maybe next month a superhero party will work out better for us. Anyway, I think giving a party when I can I will get rid of this Mommy guilt I have going on right now.


Heather said...

Oh Do not feel guilty about the costumes. I do not have as much going on as you do and I had to buy mine this year to. Your kids are so cute in the costume's. I did post pictures of the boys in their if you want to see them. Hope your Halloween is great!

Kate in NJ said...

Stop feeling guilty! You rock!!
I bet all the kids would love a "costume party" later in the year...Halloween goes so quickly and you'd be the "coolest Mom" ever!!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Kids always want an excuse to have a costume aprty even though Halloween is over. Your kids look so cute. I might have to take Zach out to buy a costume.

Amber said...

You are all so kind! Thanks for helping my with my mommy guilt! I am so lucky to have wonderful friends like you!

Shauna said...

Amber, don't beat yourself up over not making the costumes this year! PLEASE! You're a fantastic mother! Looks like the bathroom is coming along nicely too! :-)

My dd said "Thank you!" for your comment on her centerpieces. I've been reading your blog, but not had a chance to comment lately.