Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NJ trip.

Rob's parents asked us on the phone what we wanted to eat for dinner. Demi yelled out COOKIES! Mum Mum had a cookie for Demi when we got to the house. This is a picture of Demi eating a special dinner that only grandparents can give.

Travis and Zee with Grannie Peacock.
The picture above makes me cry. Look at them both gazing so happily at each other. I can feel the love between them in this picture. Neither of them care about anyone else around or the pictures being snapped they are just sharing a wonderful moment with each other, a moment that doesn't even need spoken words looks and touch says it all.
I think this is a nice picture of Mum Mum with her little girls. Isn't this a cute picture? I should let you all know that Mum Mum and Poppy spoiled my children rotten! They each got a HUGE bag full of candy and toys for Halloween! I never even considered Halloween a gift holiday. My children have enough candy and toys to last them for months now. I wonder if my children will ask us for a gift on Halloween because Mum Mum and Poppy gives wonderful gifts for the holiday we should also?
Travis hitting some balls. We have never let Travis hit a golf ball across a road before so this was a lot of fun for him!

In the picture above I can see some of Poppy in baby Zee. Can you see it?
Poppy with his girls. I love how Demi snuggled right up to him!
I am very sad that this is the only picture I got of Uncle Gravy (Uncle Gary). T. started calling him Uncle Gravy when he was little so in my house we often call him gravy (I am not sure Gary knows we do this). He is my children's hero. He was playing with my children most of the time we visited. Both my children will tell you he is so much fun to be with! I think my children think he is a child just like them! My children are very lucky to have him for an uncle. He is really my husbands uncle so he is my children's great uncle I guess great uncle is the perfect way to describe him! He is not wonderful in my eyes because he is fun with my children. He is also a wonderful man because he is home taking care of his mom (Granny Peacock). I once took care of someone who needed to be cared for and I know that job is not easy even when you love that person with all your heart. I have never met a man who was able to care for a mother in the way Gary has. I feel most of the time this is a job a daughter or daughter in law takes on or the elderly person ends up in a nursing home. I want to let everyone know how much I think of him for taking on something like that. I love Uncle Gary! I guess he is my hero also!
The ride home D. talking about Poppy, Mum Mum, Uncle Gary, and Granny Peacock.
I snapped a picture of my blue eyed baby sitting up in the front seat with me when Rob and T. ran in to get gas, snacks, and drinks for the ride home.

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