Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The most touching part of our trip to NJ.

When we first got to Grannie Peacock's house I fed and changed Zehira in the car so she was awake and happy all ready to meet her family for the first time. I walked in the door and Granny Peacock said to me I didn't know you had one this small, she was looking at the baby. I know that our family told her several times about our baby and I know they even showed her pictures. Granny is up in age and doesn't always remember things. I do understand, I doubt I will remember much if I make it to her age. Anyway, things seemed to change once she was holding baby Zee. Granny seemed to have a better memory than the rest of us when she was holding the baby. I watched her look into baby Zee's eyes and I saw Zee very alert looking back at her. I was very surprised that Zee just looked back quietly and she didn't fuss at all. . Zee only likes to lay on people's chest or shoulder so laying in the arms of someone she has never met and in a position she doesn't care for without fussing surprised me. I didn't say a word I just watched. I sat down next to Granny and she said one or two more times that she didn't know we had one this tiny. She seemed so excited to be holding her little grand baby. Then I got to see in Granny something much deeper than that.

She said to me she knows, she knows. She can tell.... She can tell because she knows. I watched as her and Zee looked at each other both with looks full of wonder and love. Baby Zee was wide awake so happy to be in Granny's arms. I then watched Granny Peacock work baby Zehira up on to her chest. Granny brushed the side of baby Zee's face and said a few more times She knows, she knows. After a few seconds wide awake baby Zee fell deep into sleep laying on her Grandma's chest. Granny smiled knowing she still had that special talent. You know the talent, the special ability to know how to put a baby fast asleep in only a few seconds. Granny looked at me and said she is smart she knows about people. She can see.... She can see what is in here and Granny put her hand to her chest. She said little ones can always tell what is inside a person you know. She then said to baby Zehira. Yes, you know. You know you are with your Granny. You know that Granny knows how it should be. Sound asleep on my... then Granny put her head way down to baby Zee's ear and whispered very soft I guess she didn't want to offend anyone and she said "asleep at my breast". Yes, sound asleep with Granny that is how it should be she said. I could see my baby was very happy laying on her Grandma's chest/breast. I could see the true love of a Grandma in that moment I knew Granny knew what was going on and I knew she even pulled memories of long ago out and used them to put my baby to sleep. I didn't tell her that is the only way baby Zehira likes to lay Granny just knew. She knew from experience of holding her own babies long ago. I got a picture in my head of her her holding, rocking, loving and putting to sleep her own babies many years ago. I know she must have held, rocked, loved, and put her grandsons to sleep many times in the same way. I hope I get to do that with grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren some day. I would like to do it with as much love as Granny Peacock has! I hope to learn how to put a baby to sleep that fast! I feel very blessed that I got to see that very loving moment between my baby and her Great Grandma. I do wonder if I missed special moments like that with her with my older 2 children in the past? It would have been so easy for me to miss that special moment that was going on with Granny and the baby. I wonder if in past visits I was all wrapped up in taking pictures and chasing my children (making sure they didn't touch things) that I missed being able to "see" Granny be herself with my other children and get a look back into her past as a mom with little ones? I will pay closer attention when we visit next time!

I now get to share this special time with you all. My hubby captured it in pictures (my hubby is wonderful).

Picture above is Zee and Granny first looking at each other.

Granny working Zee up into a sleeping position. My baby isn't light and Granny's arms are not strong but she didn't seem to have much problem it seemed like she knew what to do and convinced herself she was strong enough to do it. She didn't have any problems lifting her up to get her in a good position. I guess it is just like all us moms do when we are hurt, tired, or sick. We just know what needs to be done and we do it out of love for our babies.

Zee taking a last look at her Granny and Granny looking back. See Zehira's eyes are still open.

This is Zehira fast asleep on her Granny. She was so sound asleep she slept the rest of our visit without a sound. All of the pictures of her the rest of the time she is sound asleep in them. We passed her around like a toy from person to person snapping pictures with bright flashes for a couple hours and she didn't ever notice. "Good baby" is what everyone called her. I think I need to thank Granny Peacock for that. I think if she was awake being passed around like that she would have been screaming for most of our visit and not called a good baby.


Heather said...

That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing that wonderful moment.

Kate in NJ said...

Lovely...I'm so glad you had a chance to post these!

Lelani said...

What a great moment. I have to admit, it made my heart ache that my parents never met my sons.

Amber said...

Thanks everyone! Lelani I am so sad thinking of how your parents and your boys never met. (((hugs))) I can't imagine how hard that must be for you!