Tuesday, December 19, 2006

5 point star tries

It took me a few hours but LOOK! I finally figured out how to make a 5 pointed star! I looked a several places online. After a few hours of failed tries I went to www.enchantedlearning.com and it "clicked" for me. My son (the glitter king) decorated them. I should have told him to decorate the side that folds out not in. I spent WAY more time on them than I wanted to so this will have to do. If my son doesn't care why should I worry or fuss over it. I had NO plans to make stars this year.

This picture shows all my failed attempts. My son wanted stars so he could use his gold glitter. I let him glitter all the mistakes until I figured it out. I think he could have figured it out quicker than I did. I am embarrassed to admit this but this isn't my first time working on 5 point stars. I spent a entire day once before trying to figure it out. I think it was flag day a few years ago I wanted to show my son how to do it. I hope I can still remember how to do it next Flag Day.

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