Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Today.... The down side of our school day.

My 1 year old screamed for a few HOURS! I carried her around in a sling trying to comfort my teething baby. My son can't do his school work when his sister is screaming. My son covered his ears a few times and said he can't think when she is yelling. Once the tylenol kicked in enough that she could take the nap she needed all was well again. It did make it hard on all of us the time she was hurting. I think in my house we are all learning patience and empathy right now. We did some how get our school work all done. I have a stack of dishes calling my name right now, laundry to do, toys on the floor, a lot of cheerios cereal crushed on the floor and I myself am very tired. I know I have to go get done what I can quick and get to bed my DD will be up screaming with her teething pain again several times in the night and my son will be getting up early all ready to do school again. Thank God for coffee! I never knew a baby could have such a hard time cutting teeth. I am so amazed at how well my son handles hearing all the screaming his sister does. The good news is she only has 4 more teeth to go and this will all be over! She will have a mouth full of teeth. If I get some sleep tonight and some free time tomorrow I will try to write out how our school days are set up and sometimes not set up.

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