Saturday, December 02, 2006

My son is doing Christmas CRAFTS!

My son isn't big on crafts. He would rather have his nose in a book than crafts. I was so surprised to see him doing crafts on his own this morning. He got out our beads and some pipe cleaners and started making ornaments for the tree. This is something he has done every year from the time he was 2 or 3 years old. This year I didn't get out the stuff and ask him to make them he just started making them on his own. He was happy doing it! I am so happy that he is starting to find crafts fun! I guess I need to get the tree set up.

4 with large and small beads.

2 with all small beads.1 with all star beads.
This I thought was an original idea. His sisters wooden lacing beads! LOL! Yup! We will hang them on the tree. I don't want to take his new crafting joy away. I'll have to keep telling myself that this will work out great because my 1 year old will be trying to climb our tree this year. We will not be using any glass on our tree. It might be all decorations done by the children this year. Maybe next year when the baby is a little older we will be able to do more decorating with glass and such. This year we will have to be creative with it or DD will get hurt for sure!

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