Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Tree Ornaments.

My son is really getting into the beads and pipe cleaners. This is a picture of wreaths and what we call curly Q ice cycles. Both are designs he has done for years and at one time our entire tree was covered with them. I use to give him a bag of beads and have him separate the blue and whites in one dish and the greens and reds in another then he would put them on a pipe cleaner and I would help him twist the wreaths together. We use to use a pencil to wrap our long curly ones. I don't know how he did them this year he didn't need any of my help. (sniff sniff)

Some snowflakes I made.

This is just candy canes and a cross made by my son.

My son tried a few times but he couldn't make a snowman the way he wanted so I made them for him.

This is a blue ball (3D round didn't show well in picture), sled, stocking, tree, and joy.

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