Saturday, December 30, 2006

Baby School Area

Some online homeschool friends have been sharing pictures of homeschool areas in the house. My family is starting a remodeling project right now in the middle of my house so my pictures are not going to all be exactly how we have things set up or how we are going to keep it. They will show that you can work around everything (even 8 boxes of ceiling blocks). OH! We don't have a place to keep the toys they got for Christmas yet. The playroom is the spot my hubby is starting with the ceiling blocks so I will not be able to find a proper place until we move ahead with our project. I am going to try to post a few pictures at a time. I am starting with my some of daughters school area. She is 18 months and I think that preschool areas look so much more fun than school age school areas. Most of her things are kept in the playroom and living room of our house.

This is her puppet basket. It has everything from paper puppets, expensive nice puppets(grandparents bought them), Puppets I made, Bath puppets(that haven't been used in the tub yet), finger puppets (anything puppet). Most of the puppets are made by us. My children seem to like the ones made out of socks or mitt shape fabric almost as much as the large fluffy ones that make noise. I keep this basket on the bottom shelf of our TV stand right now. Her little tape player shares the same shelf. Nothing fancy (walmart basket) works well in our small home.

This is a very OLD bookshelf. It is small My DD can reach the top. The top is a box with some of our musical instruments. Some of my busy boxes are on the other shelves (wipe containers with little play and learn things in them)sorting type things. Stacking cups and shape sorter. I don't know if you can see this or not but many of our musical instruments we make ourselves out of household things. My busy boxes are things to keep her busy and she can learn with but I use what we have around the house to make them up or sometimes toys from the dollar store. It is a very affordable school set up. LOL!

This is one of our block centers. It is a wooden wagon I bought at a craft store about 10 years ago for $5. I keep wooden blocks old, new, banged up, and shinny, expensive ones and ones from the dollar store all together. Both my children have fun with this. I put them in this wagon about 6 years ago. They get used all the time. I guess children never tire of playing with blocks. They are in the living room so they often build when they have TV time. My son doesn't like watching TV so he likes being able to build when we are watching it.

I will try to put more pictures up later or tomorrow. I have dial up so loading pictures is sometimes slow and I have children who need me (the story of my life and I am glad for it). They want me to play with them and they will want to eat dinner very soon.

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