Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have decided I will NOT go out again! No more visits with friends or family dinners! I am locking myself in for the winter! We all went out tonight (silly me, I didn't learn my lesson from Friday's outing). My parents took us all out to eat. It was my Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle, My sister, her husband, her 3 children, my brother, his wife, my children and myself. My husband was at work so he couldn't make it. My daughter tossed herself around, yelled, tossed food, climbed out of the highchair, ran around the restaurant. IT WAS AWFUL!!! I think that big groups are not a good thing for my daughter right now. 18 months is a kind of WILD time for a child without the large group overstimulated thing going on! I have my hands full most days just chasing after her to catch her before she gets hurt in my own house. To make a bad embarrassing situation worse..... I was sitting right next to my next door neighbors! He is a Church minister! Can I crawl in a hole now????? I keep telling myself that this will all pass very quick! I remember outings like this with my son when he was her age. I think we did stop going out for a few months until he outgrew some of it. Looking back it feels like he was only like that for a very short time! Right now this phase with my DD feels like it is lasting FOREVER! I know someday I will laugh at this.....NOT TODAY! I have to go finish up making our noise makers for New Years. My children are both up waiting for the ball to drop. We are all tired and I hope it doesn't turn ugly!! I hope they sleep in tomorrow. I need to sleep in just this one day. It would help me start the new year off on the right foot!

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