Saturday, December 30, 2006


My Christmas tree is unlike anyone in the world! I think I am the only person who could enjoy this tree. My children made most of the ornaments and they help us decorate it. I think it is BEAUTIFUL! I know you will not agree. I think it marks a time in our family that we will never have again. My DD thinks the shinny balls are for her to play with (toss like a ball). She pulled all the decorations off that she could reach. She gave them to her brother who put them back on the tree at his height. This year we have a naked tree at the bottom (18 month old height). Then we have a few branches that have six or so decorations on ONE BRANCH! (6 year old height).

Next year my DD will not pull them all off. Next year my son will not put six on a branch they will both be older and be more like adults. I took several pictures this year of my tree. I know in a few years they will not want to use homemade ornaments on our tree. They might even refuse to make them and beg for us to bring down all the store bought ornaments from the attic. I think that year I will be very sad to see our tree look like others but yet very proud that my children did grow up.

Below you can see my son's area of the tree. LOTS of his decorations.

Below you can see my DD's branches.

Below is a close up of one of my son's six ornament branch.

AND LOOK AT WHO I FOUND UNDER THE TREE EATING HER BROTHERS CHOCOLATE TRAIN! I wondered why she was being so quiet! Her brother is going to be mad that she bit into his train when he was sleeping! LOL!

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