Sunday, December 03, 2006

My son's art-puppets

Art is one of the hardest things for my son to do. I made up some simple puppets today and my son drew pictures on them. I thought he was going to make a bunch of animal ones for his sister. He went with a Christmas theme. It is so neat that he is now old enough to be able to think about what he wants on them and do it himself. This is his Santa puppet. A Christmas tree.

An Elf. this is his most creative. I did make this puppet with a mouth but I thought he was very creative in making it a frog. He colored the top all green. He made the bottom green with a white circle on the belly. He told me that is the only way to make a REAL looking frog. He then snipped of a piece of elastic. I must admit I wasn't happy that he went into my sewing box and got stuff without asking but I didn't say anything once I saw what he was doing. He took a fabric marker and made the elastic red then asked me to sew it in the mouth to make a REAL frog tong. LOL! OH! BTW I don't know if you can tell in this picture but my son's hands aren't black and dirty they have green markers on them.... I had to go look at a larger copy of the picture to make sure. LOL!

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