Monday, December 18, 2006

Snowing in our house!

I taught my 6 year old son how to make snowflakes over the last week. We tried in past years but he wasn't ready to do it. My sons hands are strong enough this year to do this so he is having LOTS of fun. I now have tiny paper snips all over the house and glitter sparkling on the table, floors, walls, counters, my children and just about the entire house! Glitter is a strange thing.... It helps a child see how beautiful his art work is and at the same time it makes a mom wonder how to clean up the trail left behind. Have you ever noticed the more you clean up glitter the more it spreads? It starts on a table and in no time it is all over the house. I guess the up side is I can say my house sparkles! LOL!

It is hard to see in the picture but this is about 50-100 large snowflakes. He is still making more! I hope we get some snow outside soon!

This is a close up of a few. I guess glitter doesn't show up well in pictures.

This is some of the small ones he is putting on the tree. He ran out of glitter. He is VERY happy Daddy is on his way home and bringing more glitter for snow. I guess cleaning up glitter is going to take me until Jan.

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