Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our girl at sleep and play

Last time was about my son so this time will be my daughter. This is her taking a nap with Daddy. This is her playing in her sensory table. It is still set up with snow for winter. The snow is instant potato flakes. I put in a bunch of her little people so she had a town to snow on. She is making it snow on her head in this picture. She has colors on her hands and tummy from her marker art she was doing just before this. I have found that not letting her wear clothes for marker art works best for us. Her washable markers sometimes stain her clothes. If someone knows of nontoxic markers that don't stain please share with me! I don't like turning up our heat for her do write with markers everyday and most of the time she will refuse a bib.
Look at all the snow in her hair!

I think some might wonder what does the floor look like after this. Yes we get flakes on the floor but they do sweep up easy. I did try powdered milk in the past and that didn't clean up as easy. It would leave a slippery film on my floor so I quit using that.

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