Monday, January 01, 2007


This is how we celebrate New Years! We take left over tissue paper and wrapping paper from Christmas). Let the children tear it into tiny pieces (good for motor skills). They fill up shoe boxes and Christmas gift bags with the paper pieces. We then get out some empty bottles. We have used empty bottles from cookie sprinkles in past years but I guess this year we didn't make enough cookies. This year we used soda bottles(left over from our science experiments). We added some beads we had left over from making Christmas ornaments into the bottles. We add some torn paper inside the bottle or wrap the outside for looks. Then we have confetti and noisemakers. COST $0 !! FUN LOTS! Clean up....... Well worth it!! I shouldn't say anything about the mess my children have both been picking it up for me without me asking. They think colorful papers are fun to clean up. I wish they thought that crushed cereal on the floor was fun to clean up! LOL!

Happy New Year to you all!

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