Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday we met my friend Vicky and her children at the playground. My little Demi is growing up so fast! She is sprouting up. Here are all the children together playing nice.

After we left the playground we went down the road to another playground/park so Travis could try again to ride his bike. He met a boy who gave him some of his 10 year old wisdom on how to ride a bike. He added the boys advice with the advice from yesterday and added in a desire to ride. Then got on his bike and away he went. He said that he is done with training wheels because he found his bike now goes nice in grass and gravel. He said his training wheels never worked in grass or gravel. We have had him riding many times in the past without his training wheels. He was always a bit unbalanced and never got good enough to permanently give them up. Every spring he would insist to get them back on. Here is a video clip. He needs a bigger bike we are working on that. Rob and I didn't want to waste the money on a bike this season if he wasn't going to give up the training wheels. I have no idea who the lady is in the video. She was just a mom at the playground.


Heather said...

Oh that is so great that he is riding with out the training wheels. Congrats Travis. Now any advice for Sam. He is going to be 8 in a few days and is still using the training wheels.

Amber said...

Travis said to ride a bike all you need to do is pedal fast, look ahead, and ignore the wobbling. He said he thought he was wobbling all over until he watched the video of himself. He said it feels like you are wobbling a lot when you are only wobbling a tiny bit. He said don't try to steer just look ahead and magically the bike steers its self. LOL!

summer said...

i am so impressed with your green efforts! and the clothes you make for your adorable kids are fantastic! you are my hero, amber!! i still think you should publish a book :-)