Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Letter B

We are still doing the letter A but our egg ant craft from yesterday got us into painting smaller bugs today. I need to write this now because often when we do the same craft twice (or 50 times) I don't post it thinking I already shared it the first time we made things when I haven't. I plan on doing this craft again when we do the letter B so you most likely will see this again from us. I didn't have enough egg cartons left over from yesterday to keep our ant army growing today. I got the idea of giving smaller pieces of egg carton to the children to paint smaller bugs. At first the children didn't like the bug idea they wanted ants (larger pieces of egg carton). I painted the first bug that came to mind (ladybug). Once the children saw the ladybug they both liked the idea of little bugs and both went buggy painting bugs.

B is for Bug.

Demi wanted her bugs covered with yarn. She likes the scary look of very hairy bugs. LOL!

Picture above shows our new infestation of bugs. Demi's are on the left, Travis' the right, my one bug in the front center. I took the picture of the bugs before Demi added her eyes on hers.


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

So cute. Wow demi is really into it/

Amber said...

Yes Demi is really into it she is a crazy kind of crafter. She doesn't seem to want to hear what I have in mind to do she likes to craft in her own strange way.