Monday, April 14, 2008


Travis is doing a science project that Demi isn't joining in on so this is her project. I have been reading on many blogs that lots of children are busy doing this same thing right now.

Demi planted some more veggies today. Rob planted many seeds with her a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see that she remembers how to do it. She didn't need me to help her or tell her how to do any of it. She was able to do it all herself.

She didn't want to wait for them to swell up with water so I gave her a spray bottle to keep her busy. She sprayed them with water only to take up time and to feel she was doing something.
I took her outside to play for a little bit because she wanted to plant before the tray was ready. When we came back in she planted her seeds. She doesn't call them seeds or by the name of the plant. She planted "Bob" today. She cried to plant some "Larry boys". Yes she does like Veggie tales. She was singing songs from that show when she was planting her seeds.

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